Motrak CCTV: A high-tech vehicle safety system for employers, drivers and insurers.

Companies may encounter issues with pre-meditated vehicle accidents, where there are conflicting reports and insufficient witness testimonies. As such, it is essential to protect your business against motor insurance fraud.

The Motrak in-vehicle CCTV system puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you a firsthand account of everything that goes on. With the system installed, you will be able to track and manage every vehicle in your fleet. The intelligence you receive will not only allow you to adopt crucial safety measures, but will also help you save fuel, time and money.

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How it works

The Motrak CCTV System offers high-resolution colour visuals, panning 170 degrees, from one or several cameras. It displays the location of the vehicle, as well as details of driving dynamics, including acceleration, braking, direction and speed. This gives you a clear picture of a motorist’s driving style, and in the case of an accident, the force of the impact. Within seconds, our system emails you a high-quality video clip of the incident, proving what actually happened. This footage is useful for providing First Notification of Loss (FNOL) to your insurance company.

Benefits of the system

Motrak Vehicle CCTV Systems provide a host of advantages for the following:


Prove events that actually happened Defend against driving offence allegations Safeguard against complaints Improve fuel economy Reduce vehicle wear and tear


Mitigate injury claims Receive proof of actual events Proven decrease in the frequency of accidents Proven decrease in loss ratios


Receive detailed reports on all drivers Get records of journey history Reveal unsafe driving behaviour and identify training needs Reward safe driving behaviour Reduce vehicle wear and tear

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