Fleet Tracking: Gain full control of your fleet

Monitor and manage your entire fleet with a single suite of solutions that is user-friendly, cost-effective, and most importantly, unlocks the insights to make your business more competitive.

Motrak Fleet Tracking Solutions empower businesses by giving them full control and an in-depth understanding of all aspects of their fleet operations. Not only will this highlight areas for improvement and maximise performance, it will also help your company to implement more cost-saving measures.

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Fleet Tracking & Vehicle Monitoring Software

Reduce fuel expenditure

Our solutions literally put you in the driver’s seat and give you a closer look at any bad driving behaviour that might occur, such as harsh acceleration and braking. This allows you to manage driver behaviour and reduce unnecessary expenditure.

Boost fleet productivity

Having full visibility of all activity eliminates unnecessary overtime and unauthorised vehicle use. Save time and fuel by locating and sending the closest vehicle to the job, ensuring more efficient operations.

Minimise environmental impact

Eco-friendly companies should take advantage of Motrak’s ability to identify and improve driver behaviour creating unnecessary omissions, as well as plan journeys more efficiently, leading to savings in both fuel and time.

Improve risk management

Our intelligence will highlight risks associated with your fleet, allowing you to manage or eliminate these risks. You will be able to provide a greater duty of care to your employees, and use the data to avoid increased tax liabilities.

Explore the many features of the Motrak Fleet Tracking system.

  • Fully visibility of assets via road and satellite mapping.
  • Comprehensive standard reporting suite available on demand, including daily activity and visits, timesheet, mileage, odometer.
  • Customised reports
  • Journeys – Detailing all activity with speed profile, minute-by-minute events, and road speed limit.
  • Driver behaviour – Harsh acceleration and braking, profiling and league tables.
  • Utilisation – Incorporating a summary of total events.
  • Alerts – Email notification of speed limit violations, harsh driving, and movement out of hours.
  • Fuel card integration – Upload transactions to give accurate mileage.
  • Fleet management report – MOT, tax service, and insurance.
  • Geofences – Input sites of significance to provide reports on entry and exit.
  • CAN-Bus Reporting – Fuel level, fuel used, harsh braking and acceleration, excessive RPM, engine temperature, and gear graph.

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